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OnSong Premium

OnSong Premium

OnSong is a powerful app that is unparalleled in its functionality and ease-of-use. Our users have taken OnSong beyond our wildest imaginations. An OnSong Premium membership is for those users that want the most of OnSong.


OnSong Premium is a membership paid as an in-app subscription either annually at $47.99 USD/year or month-to-month for $4.99 USD/month. Pricing is adjusted by Apple for exchange rates and taxes in other App Store regions.


OnSong Premium means you get access to advanced features for musicians that make the most of OnSong.

Double Tap

Actions let you automate your stage performance through various triggers like foot pedals, screen taps or MIDI input. Double Tap lets you double your possibilities by letting you double tap or double press to perform over 160 actions.

Multiple Actions

With over 160 actions at your fingertips and footsteps, it's all up to you to automate the power of OnSong. Multiple actions lets you choreography one trigger to do many things. For instance, press a single pedal once to start a backing track, again to send MIDI events, and then use the same pedal to scroll down. The options are endless.

Advanced Email

OnSong can not only send email attachments and set lists, but also lets you configure your group contacts. With advanced email, you can completely customize the email template with HTML design elements.

Console *

Console is arguably the best kept secret of OnSong, it lets you completely manage your OnSong library from any computer with a modern web browser. But it has many more tricks up its sleeve.

Document Scanner

We've all been there. Show up to the gig and get handed a piece of paper. With document scanner, you can quickly and accurately add that as a PDF to your digital repertoire with perspective correction and image manipulation. Then just use OnSong's text extraction to head to a fully digital chart.

Drawing *

Use your finger, a stylus, or Apple Pencil to jot quick notes or sketches on any file format.

Live Video

For musicians performing over the Internet through live-streaming, OnSong is the perfect companion to make a great performance by composition lyrics, motion or still backgrounds, overlays, and live video with effect from your device's cameras into an engaging visual.


MIDI is a core technology for automating all your gear for a seamless stage performance. OnSong is a full-featured, contextual MIDI controller and SysEx librarian. Get in touch with your inner mad scientist.

Motion Backgrounds *

Lyrics projection is built into OnSong Pro so you never have to worry about the wrong lyrics on the screen. OnSong also lets you import your own motion background video files for a dynamic presentation. Get access to pre-designed motion backgrounds with your OnSong Premium membership.


Scenes takes your performance to the next level by integrating professional DMX stage lighting even as you're on-stage. You can also assign different scene lighting and video per song or section of your song.

Technical Support

We feel that OnSong's support is one of our greatest features. We care about each musician that has entrusted their performance with OnSong. With your Premium membership, you get the attention you need with 24 hour Fast Track response, as well as access to the OnSong Insiders Facebook group for direct access with OnSong staff and experts.

* feature was available as an add-on that, if purchased, remains accessible without requiring a Premium membership.
feature is available with purchase of newer versions of OnSong and remains accessible without a Premium membership.