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The OnSong® app has killer features for every musician. Download OnSong 2024 for free to get started then choose your plan for the features you need.

Feature Description Free Essentials Premium
Song Viewer View files and text-based chord charts.
Attachments Import multiple types of files for one song and easily switch between them.  
Capo See the chords you should play with a capo to hear the song in the selected key.  
Chords Chord formatting and placement.  
Diagrams View chord diagrams of your song for guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo, and more...  
Formatting Change fonts, colors, and visibility.  
Low Light Mode Choose how your app appears in dimly lit environments.  
Page Layout Change page layouts and much more.  
Tint Colors Customize how your charts look to reduce visual stress and increase readability.  
Transposing Transpose and capo into the right key.  
Unlimited Songs Import as many songs as you need into your library.  
Add To OnSong Import content from any app including Safari websites.
Dropbox Native and built-in support for accessing files in your Dropbox account.
Google Drive Connect to your Google Drive account and import or export right inside of the app.
Planning Center Import service plans as sets including songs with attachments as sets.
PraiseCharts Import multiple types of sheet music and chord charts from this premier website.
SongSelect Import text-based and PDF chord sheets from CCLI SongSelect.
WorshipReady.com Subscription chord charts that are made just for OnSong.
Document Scanner Scan sheet music into PDF documents using your camera.    
Books Organize your songs using books.  
Icons Use icons to organize your songs.  
Organizer Place songs into sets, books and more while you view.  
Sets Pull songs into sets for performing events.  
Topics Browse by topics in lyrics and keywords.  
Sticky Notes Place sticky notes on the page to jot notes.    
Clips Paste pictures and images on the page.    
Drawing Draw or highlight on your songs.    
Text Annotations Break out of the box with text annotations.    
Actions Perform actions when triggered by input.  
Audio Triggers Perform actions based on the input of audio channels.    
Viewports Focus in on a specific part of the song content.    
Advanced Actions Expand your control of OnSong with more flexible and configurable actions.    
Autoscroll Automatically scroll from the top to bottom.  
Foot Pedals Control your performance hands-free.  
Backing Tracks Play and control backing tracks.    
Flow Expand song content to repeat sections.    
Gears Shift gears for more actions per foot pedal.    
Heads-Up Display Customize your view of song information.    
Messages Send messages to your team.    
Metronome See and hear the beat of the song with a click track.    
Pitch Play a pitch to help sing in the correct key.    
Quick Pick Quickly search for songs on-the-fly.    
MultiTracks Import, mix, and play tracks with multiple channels for practice or performance.    
Broadcasting Record or stream lyrics to broadcasting apps installed on your device.  
Emailing Email your band the set with file attachments.  
Exporting Export songs and sets to online storage.  
Open In Open content into other apps.  
Printing Print out songs and lists using AirPrint-capable printers.  
Social Share your set list or broadcast on social media.  
Beam Send your song or set to your band wirelessly.    
Connect Keep the whole band on the same page.    
OnCue Share wirelessly with the band.    
Advanced Email Change the song list, content, and HTML template of the emails you send.    
Lyrics Projection Display lyrics on a projector or HDTV.    
Scenes Control stage lighting and video backgrounds.    
Stage Lighting Configure scenes and control your stage lighting wirelessly.    
Live Video Perform live on camera with video effects    
Motion Backgrounds Engage your audience with subtle video lyric backgrounds.    
MIDI Integrate and control your rig with MIDI.    
Stage Monitor Display chord charts or lyrics on a virtual music stand.    
Timeline Record and perform timed actions.    
Web API Control OnSong devices and integrate all your software for live performance.    
ProPresenter Control ProPresenter 7 right from OnSong as your perform.    
Vocal Cues If you use in-ear monitors, have OnSong give verbal cues to the band while you're singing.    
Backup Don’t miss a beat by automatically backing up.  
Editing Edit imported song content.  
Support Standard support lets you send your library for review.  
Text Extraction Extract text in images and PDF files into text-based chord charts.  
Libraries Manage more than one library of music.    
Moments Turn your sets into a full runsheet for your events.    
Personalization Configure settings to make OnSong work for you.    
Song Reporting Keep track of the songs you play.    
Console Manage your library on a computer attached to your local network.    
Premium Support Premium support gives you fast and immediate access to our support staff.    
    Free $2/mo * $4/mo *

* Prices shown in USD for monthly cost when paid annually.


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