User Manual


OnSong is great for keeping your entire chord chart library organized and accessible no matter where you go. But when it comes to playing live, you need to be able to quickly and easily move between songs in your set list. OnSong lets you create sets to be played at specific times and venues.

Creating Sets

You access your sets in the My Sets tab in the Songs Menu. From there you can create folders for organizing sets by band or venue, as well as create new sets. Once the set is created, you can quickly pull songs from your library or books.

Simply tap on a set from your list of sets to load it into the song viewer. You can swipe, tap, or use other hands-free methods like foot pedals to move between songs in your set, or to scroll your songs up and down.

Sharing Sets

Sets allow you to organize some songs in your library for use with the band. Once you have the set selected, use the Share Menu to share it with your team using a variety of methods.

Tracking Songs

Sets are created for playing in the moment, but they also form the basis of song tracking in OnSong. Using the date you specify when creating your set, OnSong can determine when you play songs. This can be used to let you know if you've overplayed a song, or use to send song reports to licensing agencies like CCLI.

Archiving Sets

Because you may want to look up and see what you did last week or last month, it's a good idea to archive your sets. You can then access old sets using the archived sets list.

OnSong can also be configured to auto-archive sets so you don't have to worry about doing that manually. This keeps your active sets list nice and organized.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on November 23, 2014