User Manual

Song Reporting

The song reporting screen allows you to view the activity that has taken place either by what songs are placed into a set, or by actual usage of the song. This can be set in Utilities Menu » Settings » Menu Settings » Song Reporting » Reporting Method or by creating a custom report and selecting the reporting method.

Choose Report

Tap on the name of the report in the middle of the navigation bar to choose a report to view. This list will default to the last selected report type.

View Usage

Once a report is selected, each song contained in the timeframe of the report are displayed. This displays the song title, artist, and the number of times the song was played. Expanding the row shows an entry for the date and time the song was played.

If you are reporting based on usage, you can swipe right to left over rows in the song usage panel to remove individual tracking information.

Share Menu

Tap on the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen will open an activity menu. This will create multiple file formats including PDF, Excel, and comma-separated values (CSV).

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