User Manual

Action Menu

The action menu can be accessed by by tapping on the name of a set while in Editing Mode. This allows you to perform the following actions on the selected set:

Delete Set

This action will delete the set. Songs are not deleted from the master library.

Archive/Unarchive Set

This action will move the currently selected set to the Archived list when viewing the Active list. Likewise, this option will be called Unarchive Set when the action menu is viewed in the Archived and will move the set back into the Active list.

Shuffle Set

This action will change the custom sort order of the set to randomize the order of songs. This is useful for practice.

Edit Set

This action will open the Edit Song Set screen to allow you to change the date, title, and other attributes of the set.

Duplicate Set

If you have a set you want to copy in order to make a few tweaks, use this action. The set will be duplicated so you can make additional changes without making a set from scratch.

Add Set To Folder

This action will provide an interface to allow you to choose which folders the selected set should be placed in.

Add Songs To Book

This action will place all the songs contained in the selected set into a book that you choose.


This closes the action menu without performing an action.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on August 31, 2018