User Manual

Metadata Palette

The metadata palette automatically updates its fields as you select songs in the Song List. Change the contents of the fields to have OnSong update the metadata section of your song. This palette includes these fields:

Song Title

The title of the song.


The name of the artist or the byline to output under the song title.


A number used to lookup the song in numbered music collections like hymnals.


Keywords or topics to enter for the song. This is used in the By Topic tab in the Songs Menu.


This sets the key of the song. If the key had been already set and there are chords in the song, this will also rewrite the chords of the song into that key.

You can also change the mode of the key to minor by clicking on the "m" button on the right side. The song contents are not rewriting when toggling between major and minor keys.


Sets the recommended capo level for the song.


Set the tempo using this slider. Remember that you can click on the arrows to the left and right of the sliders to fine-tune adjust the values.

Time Signature

Click on a button that represents the time signature of the song to be written in the metadata section. If you do not want a time signature outputted, click on a selected time signature again to remove it. If the time signature you need is not in the list, congratulations on your rhythmic genius. Because of your skills, you'll just need to write the time signature yourself.


This is the time duration of the song. Set this to a default to enable autoscrolling with the approximate speed. This can be expressed as hh:mm:ss or numeric seconds.


This is the flow of the song used to arrange the parts of the song into a top-down fashion. Please see Flow for more details.

This is the copyright line of the music. This will appear at the bottom of chord charts as well as in lyrics projection.


This is the unique identifier for registering the song with CCLI SongSelect reporting. This will appear at the bottom of the chord chart on screen as well as at the bottom of lyrics projection.


These are a list of restrictions that are used to limit what recipients of the song can do with it. Please see Restrictions for a list of possible options.

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