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User Manual


Restrictions prevent certain actions from being performed on a song. When set in metadata and imported, these attributes are retained if the rights restriction is set.

The following are restrictions that can be set:

  • None removes restrictions from the metadata section. If selected, all other check marked restrictions are unchecked.
  • Edit prevents the song from being edited.
  • Print prevents the song from being printed.
  • Export prevents OnSong from exporting the file.
  • Share prevents the OnSong user from sharing the file in any manner.
  • Email prevents the song from being transferred via email.
  • Upload prevents the song from being uploaded to a remote server.
  • Project prevents the song from being displayed in lyrics projection.
  • Distribute prevents the song from being distributed to other sources.
  • Rights prevents further rights and restrictions from being set.
  • Photocopy prevents placing the device on a photocopier for reproduction or screen capture.
  • Clipboard prevents content of the song from being cut, copied, or shared from the Song Editor.
OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 22, 2019