OnSong Manual


OnSong Console is a powerful add-on that lets you edit your library on any computer using a standard, modern web browser. You get a real-time preview of your chord chart along with palettes that help you make your chord charts just right. When you're all done, one click saves the chord chart back to your library.

Most people agree that laptops or desktops are great at creating content. OnSong Console lets you use your computer to quickly make changes to your OnSong library. What's more, you can even make changes to an iPad while it's being used on the stage, or use it in the back-of-house to determine lyrics for a song.

OnSong Console is also available on the Mac App Store as a separate application for Apple computers running OS X. For more details, please see OnSong Console for Mac.


While OnSong Console is easy to use, you may have questions about connecting to it on your network or how it effects your OnSong library as well.


Find out the components and services you need to make console work.


Learn how to get OnSong Console up and running so it's ready to be put to good use.

User Interface

Learn the user interface components of Console and how they can be combined to make music creation and management easy.

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