User Manual


Palettes provide the means to interact with songs and are similar to menus in the OnSong app for iOS. These palettes are opened by toggling buttons in the toolbars of the various panes in the application. Once opened, you can close and minimize the palette using the buttons in the upper-right corner of the palette titlebar.

Here is a list of all the palettes used in Console:

Add Songs Palette

The add songs palette is opened in the Song List pane and is used to create new songs or import files.

Metadata Palette

Provides fields that can be set to write the metadata of each song in the proper format. This is similar in function to the Metadata Editor found in the Song Editor.

Insert Palette

Provides buttons to insert chords and sections, as well as line formatting characters without needing to know the OnSong file format codes.

Text Tools Palette

Provides tools like search and replace, as well as the ability to toggle between chord formats similar to the Text Tools Menu in the Song Editor.

Style Palette

Enables you to customize the look of the song in a way similar to the Style Preferences Menu.

Chords Palette

Gives you options for transposing and capoing chords, as well as controlling how chords and diagrams appear on the screen. This is similar to the bottom of the Style Preferences Menu.

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