User Manual

Style Preferences Menu

The style preferences menu allows you to change the look of the current song as well as change the key, capo and chord diagrams. This is accomplished by tapping on tabs at the bottom of the menu to access various adjustments you can make to the song.

The style preferences menu is only available for text-based chord charts. If you are viewing an imported file, you will have the option to Extract and Edit or Use Text Version.


This tab lets you change aspects of the page on which the song is drawn such as the font, paper size and margins.


This tab lets you change how the song appears such as the size of various aspects of the song along with chord highlighting and colors.


This tab lets you choose the key of the song and how chords appear. For instance, you can change the chord style, or set the position and instrument for chord diagrams.

Apply Styles

If you like the way the selected song appears, you can apply that style to other songs in your library with the Apply Styles button. This appears as an ellipsis in the upper right corner.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on May 2, 2023