User Manual


When you import PDF or word processing files, OnSong can only display those files "as-is". When you open the Style Preferences Menu, the controls will be disabled and you'll have one of the following options.

Extract and Edit

If you've viewing a file that is being viewed "as-is" and cannot be formatted or transposed, you'll see a screen like show with the option to Extract and Edit. Tapping on this button will open the Song Editor and automatically extract text from the document.

Use Text Version

If you're currently viewing an imported file, but you have text content available, this button will appear allowing you to toggle to the text-based chord chart. If you need to make changes to the text version, use the Song Editor

If you are viewing SongSelect PDF chord charts, you may still be able to transpose the song using the Key and Capo controls.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on January 21, 2020