User Manual

User Interface

Once you've loaded Console into a web browser, you're ready to get to work. Console let's you import or create songs as well as edit the songs you already have in your OnSong library on the device. This is accomplished by selecting a song, making changes in the editor, viewing in the real-time preview screen, and then saving. Let's take a look at the different areas of the Console's interface to help with each of these tasks.

The top is the header which contains the OnSong logo. To the left of the logo is the name of the current song. If you have made changes to the save, a save button will appear to the right of the song title allowing you to save changes back to your OnSong library on the device. Finally, the help link is located on the far right and provides access to this web site.


Palettes are floating windows that can be placed around the user interface. These palettes can be opened and closed using the menubar of the following panes.

Song List

The song list is displayed on the left and contains all the songs in your library. To view and edit a song, just select it from the list. This area also contains a search bar to search songs in your library as well as an add button to create new songs or import existing songs from your computer. Tapping on the + button displays the Add Songs Palette.

Song Editor

The song editor appears in the center of the screen and provides a text editor for making changes to your song. The toolbar items give you access to tools for managing your content such as the metadata, insert and text tools palettes, as well toolbars to convert text and delete the song.

Song Preview

The song preview pane displays the chord chart on the right side and is updated as it is updated in the song editor. The toolbar items allow you to turn certain features on and off such as Low Light mode, Pages mode, and follow mode. The toolbar also gives you access to additional palettes including style palette (to make changes to the look of the song) and chords palette (to transpose and capo). Lastly, you can toggle between the text and imported files with the view as menu, or export and print using the export menu and print button.

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