User Manual

System Information

The system information screen provides information about your OnSong library, statistic and precise control over secondary screens.


The application section shows information about the OnSong app including:

  • App Name is the name of the app that is being run.
  • App Version is the actual version number as reported to the App Store.
  • Operating System shows the current make and version of the operating system.
  • Total Storage is the amount of data consumed by OnSong libraries.
  • Update Available button appears if a newer version of OnSong is available. Tapping on this button will open the App Store app to assist in the update process.


If you've restored a backup file into your library, this will show the name of the file and the date and time it was restored.

  • Restored From is the name of the backup file that was restored, if applicable.
  • Restored On is the date and time the backup file was successfully restored.


This section contains information about each library managed by OnSong. This includes:

  • Name is the name of the library. If this is the current library, it is followed by an asterisk.
  • Size is the amount of storage consumed by the library.


This section contains statistics about collections in the currently selected library including:

  • Artists is the number of artists in the OnSong library.
  • Books is the number of books used to manage songs in the OnSong library.
  • Folders is the number of folders used to organize sets.
  • Keys is the number of key signatures that your library contains.
  • Sets is the number of sets contained in your library.
  • Topics is the number of topics used to search songs in your library.


This section display songs that are available in your library including:

  • Available shows the number of songs available in the All Songs collection on your library. Tap on the row to view those songs.
  • Deleted shows you the number of songs marked to be deleted. Tap on the row to view the songs and undelete them if needed.
  • Loaned shows the number of songs that have been loaned. Tap on the row to view the name and preview the songs that have been loaned.


This section contains information about the main screen as well as any connected screens. This section includes:

  • Main Screen reports information about the iOS device's screen and is reported in the device's native resolution and orientation. If a number appears in brackets after the resolution, that indicates the DPI. For instance, 768x1024 (2x) indicates a Retina-class iPad with a true screen resolution of 1536x2048.
  • External Screen displays if an external screen is connected. If there is no external screen connected, this displays "Not Connected". If there is a secondary screen connected, this will display the resolution of the display.
  • Available Modes appears when there is a secondary screen connected. This will display the resolutions that the external screen supports. You can tap on this to change modes of the secondary screen.
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