User Manual

User Interface

When you're using OnSong live, you don't have time to tap on the interface to perform tasks. These actions allow those functions to be triggered.

Low Light

Change to a dark screen interface for use on dimly lit stages.

  • On turns low light mode on for dark paper with light text.
  • Off turns low light mode off for a light paper with dark text.
  • Toggle low light mode on and off. When on, the background of the song is black with white foreground text.

The menubar allows you to interact with the app but it can get in the way during a performance.

  • Show the menubar to interact with the app.
  • Hide the menubar for a full screen view.
  • Toggle toggles the menubar on and off for a full screen view.

Quick Pick

Allows you to quickly search for songs to play or add to the set. Hiding the Quick Pick screen may not function when HID Bluetooth devices such as foot pedals that emulate a computer keyboard. This is due to the text cursor being used for text entry at that time.

Actions can be used to navigate menus in the user interface. OnSong will assign some of these action to foot pedal buttons when a songs menu is displayed.

  • Previous navigates the selected item to the previous item in the list.
  • Next navigates the selected item to the next item in the list.
  • Top goes to the top of the currently opened menu.
  • Bottom goes to the bottom of the currently opened menu.
  • Back navigates to the previous menu screen on the navigation stack. For instance, if you are viewing your All Songs list, the Back action will view the Books List.
  • Search will scroll to the search bar in the list, highlight the search term, and display the on-screen keyboard. If no search bar exists in the current menu, no action is taken.
  • Select will select the currently highlighted item, immediately performing its selected action.

By default, items are not selected immediately but merely highlighted until a period of time as expired. Use the Select action to select the items immediately and perform the selected function. You can change this behavior under Settings » Menu Settings » Songs » Navigation » Automatically Select.

Song List

The songs list is used for interacting with your song library, set, and book. When opened, the Scroll Up and Down actions can select rows in the list.

  • Show the song menu.
  • Hide the song menu.
  • Toggle shows and hides the song menu based on its current state.

Web Action

Web actions allow you to open a web page or video file as an action in your song. For instance, you could tap on a sticky note to view a tutorial video for that song part.

  • Open presents the Web Action Editor where you can configure how a URL will be opened.
  • Close the opened web action.
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