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User Manual

Actions Menu

The actions menu lets you navigate actions that can be triggered by physical actions like pressing a foot pedal, tapping on the screen, or from MIDI event input.

Choose Group

Actions are categorized in groups with each group featuring things that can be acted upon. Under each of these nouns are actions that can be performed on each. Tap on the icon in the upper right corner to navigate to the group instead of scrolling.


The very first section contains actions that do not fit into any one group and contains default, none, and multiple.

Navigate through your song, set, or library.


Controls autoscroll speed and timeline events for linear and non-linear autoscroll.

Backing Tracks

Manages audio playback of linked backing tracks.


Changes settings on the iOS device such as volume and screen brightness.


Shifts gears for multiplying the number of actions you can perform with foot pedals.

Lyrics Projection

Controls lyrics projection including slides and backgrounds right from the stage.


Sends a list of MIDI events when triggered.


Controls the playback of background media including volume and fading.


Sends messages to connected devices and external screens.


Toggles the metronome along with tempo control.


Switches scenes manually and controls their playback.


Transposes songs or applies capo quickly.

User Interface

Changes the user interface of OnSong for live performance.

The number of available actions is displayed in the toolbar at the bottom of the list. This number may change with each release and whether you are able to assign variable actions.

Tapping on the title of the menubar will return the actions menu to the top of the list. Tapping and holding on an action will allow you to copy a URL that can be used to perform the action from another app.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on October 19, 2021