User Manual

Action Menu

When you have devices selected in the Devices tab, tap on the actions menu to either connect or beam content to those devices.


This option will send an invitation to selected devices to be controlled by your device. Once they accept this invitation, the current song and set are sent to their device for display only. In addition, you can then control their device with yours. Each scroll operation and more are mirrored on their device.

Users can customize how music appears on their device using the Profile tab.


Beam is different from the connect option in that it sends the currently loaded song or set to the selected devices. This will appear as an invitation to accept the set or song on the user's devices.

Note: Beamed songs and sets are loaned by default. This means that you can view the song temporarily and sets are added to your My Sets list. However, songs are not added to the recipients' library. This is to prevent distribution of copyrighted material without your consent. You can change this in Settings » Menu Settings » Sharing.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on November 18, 2018