User Manual

OnSong Connect

OnSong Connect is a communications layer in OnSong that allows your device to control or to be controlled by other compatible apps on your local network using WiFi. OnSong uses this communications layer to "connect" devices together with a robust network. This allows you to share your music by either beaming songs and sets, or by sharing the music on a leader's device with other members of the team.

The Connect screen contains five tabs that comprise the various levels to connection of devices, as well as tools for customizing how your device participates in OnSong Connect.


Devices are other iOS devices that are currently running OnSong. You can use this screen connect devices so that they become clients.


Clients are devices that are currently connected to you. You can disconnect clients on this screen as well as send messages.


Servers are devices that have opted to control other devices. You can connect to running servers on this screen, or promote your device to a server.


This screen tells others on the OnSong Connect who you are, as well as configures how you would like to view music streamed to you via OnSong Connect.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on April 10, 2020