User Manual


The sharing menu settings configures information to use when sharing songs and sets.


When a song is beamed to you using either OnSong Connect or OnCue, the entire song is delivered and could overwrite any changes you had since made to your charts. These options let you decide what gets updated.


This section determines how filenames are generated when exporting songs and sets.


Using content in OnSong means that you've agreed to the terms and conditions for using licensed content. You can make adjustments to how that content is displayed and used in OnSong here.


When sharing your set list on social media, you can provide more information about your church or organization here.


OnCue allows you to beam and stream content to your team using Apple's peer-to-peer networking capabilities. You can customize how OnCue works with these settings.

Since OnCue has a number of limitations due to the Apple technology it is built upon, we recommend OnSong Connect which allows for many more devices to be connected. In addition, there are more robust options for specifying how content is received using the Profile screen.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on May 30, 2023