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User Manual

Low Light Mode

One of the advantages to using an iPad on stage is that it is automatically backlit. This means that you don't need to supply additional lighting for paper charts. Because it's backlit, it's also easier to read even though the screen is smaller. You get higher contrast and sharper text.

When To Use

If you play on a dimly lit stage or outdoors, you may quickly come to appreciate this advantage. But using white paper and black text is not ideal for these environments. The bright light can be hard on your eyes. In addition, the ambient light from screens can cause your face to glow white on stage. To make things easier on your eyes and less distracting for your audience, use low light mode.


Low light mode will only work for text-based chord charts. Songs that are displayed as PDF, Microsoft Word or other file formats are displayed "as-is". In these cases, low light mode cannot be applied.

Enabling Low Light Mode

Low light mode is enabled either from a foot pedal, a hot corner, or from the settings screen. To enable, go into Settings » Display Settings » Enable Low Light Mode and switch that on. When you tap Done, your screen will redraw with low light mode enabled.

Now your chord chart and menus will appear with a black background and white text. If you want your menus to retain their white background and black text, you can change this settings in Settings » Menu Settings » Use Dark Menus in Low Light Mode.

Setting an Action

You can also toggle low light mode on and off using either a foot pedal, hot corner, or MIDI trigger.

v. 2018.000