User Manual

Navigation Settings

Navigation in OnSong is the use of the screen, foot pedals or other input to control your set and perform actions. The Navigation Settings section helps you control navigation through:


Actions can be performed by pressing a foot pedal, touching the screen or from other input into OnSong. Certain actions can be configured in this section.

Audio Inputs

Set actions to perform when audio input levels are heard through the built-in microphone, line-in port or other hardware.


Set delays before certain actions like sending MIDI or changing lyrics are performed. This prevents changes from happening while navigating through songs and sections.

Foot Pedals

Set up foot pedals to navigate through songs and sets or perform actions.


Configure how gears appear and work for performing multiple layers of actions.

Hot Corners

Set actions to perform when tapping on the four corners of the song viewer.

Set actions to perform when tapping on the edges of the song viewer.


Over scroll occurs when you pull a page past its scrollable bounds. OnSong can show the menubar in these cases, or be used to perform actions.

Scrolling Behavior

Configure scrolling speed, the amount of scrolling and the method used.


Determines when swiping to navigation is appropriate.


Map triggers that perform actions when other events occur.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 2, 2022