User Manual

Add Songs Palette

The add songs palette is used to either create a new song completely within the Console, or to upload Supported Files to create songs.

Create New

This section of the palette allows you to type an optional song title and artist name. You can then click on one of the buttons to create the song and open it in the Song Editor.

Import Files

This area of the palette allows you to import one or more files at once into OnSong. Click on the Select files... button to open a file chooser window. Browse and select a file to import. Use the shift, command and control keys on your keyboard to select more than one file to import.

When you are all done, click on the Choose button in the window. Console will automatically upload and import those files into your library and show you the import status below the Select files... button. You can then close the palette to continue editing.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on October 20, 2014