User Manual

Supported File Formats

OnSong supports a number of file formats making it a great app for any type of music content. Click on a file format to learn more about it and how OnSong displays its contents.

Text-Based Files

OnSong works best with text-based chord charts or lyric sheets and natively understands these formats.

Converted Files

These file formats are text-based in nature but not natively understood or edited by OnSong. They are converted when imported into supportable formats.

Imported Files

All other supported file types can be imported and viewed "as-is" from within OnSong. The song editor also supports conversion of many of these file types to text.

Media Files

OnSong features a media library that can be used for associating graphical assets like images and videos to lyrics projection, or to assign backing tracks to songs. You can import the following file types into your media library.

MIDI Files

OnSong has powerful MIDI capabilities and can even be used as a SysEx librarian. These file formats are automatically added to the MIDI Globals library.

ZIP Files

OnSong can also import ZIP files that contain one or more supported file formats. This is useful for import more than one file at a time from an external resource or app.

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