User Manual


Chords are the lifeblood of music. It's no wonder that most of OnSong revolves around what you can do with chords.

Writing Music

You can write and edit music right inside of OnSong. OnSong understands both the OnSong and ChordPro formats, and even works with most text files too. You can also use different ways to display chords and lyrics in your song.

Styling Chords

Once chords are detected in OnSong, you can use the style preferences menu found in the menubar to change how chords appear. Highlight, color, bold, and italicize them to make them pop from the page.

Instrument Diagrams

Tap on a chord in the song viewer to view different ways to play the chord on a variety of instruments. You can even make your own variations in the chord diagram library.

Playing Chords

Tap on the speaker icon in the upper left corner to toggle chord playback on and off. To play a chord, tap on the chord diagram in the chord inspector. You can also alter the way chords are played under the Utilities Menu » Settings » Live Settings » Chord Playback.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on March 11, 2020