User Manual


Menubar settings allow you to configure how the menubar behaves in OnSong by setting the following options:

Auto Show/Hide Menubar

This switch allows the menubar to automatically hide when a song is picked using the Songs Menu. Tapping in the middle of the screen can then show the menubar again. If Auto Show/Hide Song List is enabled, showing the menubar will also open the song list. Default is off.

Auto Show/Hide Song List

This switch allows the song list to automatically hide when a song is picked using the Songs Menu. The song list can be opened again by tapping on the Songs button, through an action or by showing the menubar when hidden. Default is off.

Prevent Menubar From Hiding

The visibility of the menubar automatically toggles on and off when you tap in the middle of the song viewer. You can disable any kind of menubar toggling by turning on this option. The first time the user taps in the middle of the screen, a prompt appears to configure this setting. Default is off.

Reverse Menubar

Some users prefer to have the Songs Menu on the right of the screen. You can flip the menubar to mirror it's contents by turning this option on. Default is off.

Show Setlist Progress

OnSong can now display a thin, teal line in the menubar to indicate the progress through a set list. You can toggle this setting to turn off the progress bar.

Vertical Menubar

This option places the menubar on the left or right side of the screen, allowing menus to appear from the side, or to be pinned into a split-screen configuration. This allows the menus to remain on screen during use.

Background Color

The background color of the menubar that appears in the song viewer. This can be used to reduce the transparency of the menubar.

Icon Color

The color of icons that appear on the menubar in the song viewer.

Selected Icon Color

The color of icons selected in vertical menubar mode.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on February 20, 2019