User Manual


As a musician, you know that every second on stage counts, so we have created an easy-to-use application for your iPad or iPhone for quick music access. The OnSong app eliminates the need for messy and disorganized sheet music and allows you to quickly and easily access your music for performances. When you are on stage, the app can easily handle all aspects of performance. Use this manual to delve into the many unique features OnSong offers you as a musician.

We've heard from many of our users that OnSong is "deep". You may be accustom to basic apps that perform one or two functions. OnSong is a completely suite that manages your practice time as well as your on stage performance. It's used by hundreds of thousands of musicians around the world, every week.

What this means for you is... well, you have some learning to do! Besides this user manual, we've created a number of video tutorials to get you up and running quickly.

Beginner's Guide

This guide will take you through the most basic features of OnSong quickly so you get up to speed with common use cases and how to start playing immediately.


It's hard to explain OnSong without sounding like an infomercial. Honestly, OnSong does so many great things that it's hard to coalesce into a single thing. This section of the user manual reviews core features of OnSong and links to the parts of the app that comprise the feature.


Once you get going with OnSong, you may have some questions! This FAQ will help answer common questions you may have when using OnSong.

User Interface

For those who like to know what every part of an app is for, this guide you through every screen and function.


For every musician, there's a different way to do music. OnSong is built for customization. This section of our user manual will guide you through the various settings and what they do.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on November 4, 2014