User Manual


The menubar provides access to all the tools you need to to manage your music. It contains the following items:

Songs Menu

This is the main menu for managing your songs. It provides access to your library as well as the ability to import songs and place them in sets. You also can manage books of songs in this menu as well.

Share Menu

This icon looks like an up arrow in a box and allows you to share the current song or set in a variety of ways including exporting, emailing, printing, and sharing wirelessly.

External Video Menu

This menu button looks like a computer monitor and lets you configure an external monitor or projector for use with OnSong. Using an Apple Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, Apple Digital AV Adapter, or AirPlay and an AppleTV, you can use OnSong to project lyrics for an audience, or to display chord charts on a monitor on stage.

Playback Menu

This icon looks like a pair of headphones and lets you set an audio track to play along with while viewing the chord sheet. It also lets you configure the metronome tempo and time signature, as well as setting a duration of the song for autoscroll. You can also find new versions of that song through the integrated iTunes search.

Foot Pedal Setup

This icon looks like foot pedals and helps you set up your foot pedals for hands-free operation.

Heads-Up Display

The center of the menubar prominently displays the name of the song. You can swipe to the left and right to choose a different view including the set, next song or a timer.

Messages Menu

Using this menu, screen taps and foot pedal presses can send messages to your team. Use these to communicate more effectively in live performances.

Organizer Menu

The organizer menu is used to place the currently loaded song into a set, book or to mark a song with an icon such as a star. When the song has an icon associated with it, the star icon in the menu bar is enabled.

Song Editor

This icon opens the song editor. The song editor allows you to make changes to the song's chords, lyrics, and metadata as well as tools to assist you in editing songs, or even writing them from scratch.

Annotations Menu

This icon looks like a sticky note and allows you to easily add sticky notes or drawings to your chord chart. These can help remind you of things such as who starts the song or how it is played.

Style Preferences Menu

This icon looks like a series of sliders and allows you to quickly change how your song sheet looks and acts. In this menu you can change font sizes and styles, highlight colors, and transpose/capo the song. You can also turn portions of the song on and off such as the header, lyrics, chords, tablature, and whether the capo should be applied.

Utilities Menu

This icon looks like a gear and provides access to advanced tools, editor, and settings.

The menubar displays the progress though a set list as a thin, teal bar. You can configure this in Settings » Menu Settings » Menubar » Show Setlist Progress

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on December 24, 2018