User Manual

Live Bar

Playing live uses all of your concentration and usually most of your limbs as well. Triggering events for live performance needs to be easy. The live bar in OnSong is designed to provide large buttons for controlling live performance events, as well as a visual status of each function.

Tapping on a live bar button starts or stops its function. Tapping and holding on a live bar button will open a menu allowing you to configure properties. The following buttons can be contained in the livebar. You can also turn these buttons on or off in the Utilities Menu » Editors » Navigation » Screen Tab. You can also accomplish this in Settings &raqou; Live Settings &raqou; Live Bar &raqou; On-Screen Buttons.

The live bar consists of:


The audio live bar button is used start, pause or stop backing tracks. Tap and hold to choose a different track, or to link to a custom track from your iTunes Music library.


Playing live necessitates using all your hands, feet and fingers. But what if your chord chart is longer than the screen can contain? Autoscroll provides a solution by slowly scrolling the chord chart from top to bottom over a duration.


Playing with a click track is great for practice, or to get your band started on a song. The metronome in OnSong stores the BPM for each song letting you start at the right tempo every time.


OnSong can be used to share and stream what's on your screen wirelessly to your team. The networking livebar button lets you turn sharing on and off.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on August 31, 2018