User Manual


Editors are screens that provide additional functions in OnSong that don't fit in the typical use of the app. These screens allow you to configure OnSong or access information.

Audio Media Library

The audio media library lets you manage audio tracks and MIDI files imported directly into your OnSong library that you can link to songs.


The actions editor lets you configure actions for foot pedals, hot corners, or MIDI triggers.

Background Media Library

The background media library lets you manage visual assets like images and videos that can be used as background media when performing lyrics projection.

Chord Diagram Library

The chord diagram library lets you manage chord diagrams for playing with different instruments.


The MIDI editor lets you map MIDI commands to OnSong actions, turning your MIDI controller into a control interface for OnSong.


The scenes editor lets you enable the feature, connect to lighting systems, and create scenes to be set when switching songs or sections.

Song Reporting

The song reporting editor provides access to usage of songs by timeframe.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on December 24, 2018