User Manual

Navigation Zones

Navigation zones are found along the four edges of the device and also includes the center of the screen. Tap on any edge to scroll up and down in the current song, or to switch songs in your set. This is their default function, but can be configurable.

The navigation zone size is calculated based on 25% of the narrowest part of your device. For instance on an iPhone, the width of the edge would be between 90 and 104 points wide. On most iPad devices, you can expect the width to be 192 points. On an iPad Pro 12.9", you can expect the width to be 251 points.

To change the function of the navigation zones, go into the Utilities Menu and open the Navigation Editor to choose the Screen Tab. There you can tap on the navigation zones to change their function.

You can also setup navigation zones in Settings » Navigation Settings » Navigation Zones.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on September 8, 2018