User Manual

Hot Corners

OnSong is designed for performance. It can do many things to help you in your performance. The trouble is that you have limited dexterity and time while playing an instrument.

Hot corners allow you to assign the four corners of the song viewer to perform actions in OnSong. For instance, you can configure a hot corner to handle lyrics projection tasks, or to send messages to other members of your team.

The hot corner size is calculated based on 25% of the narrowest part of your device. For instance on an iPhone, the width of the edge would be between 90 and 104 points wide. On most iPad devices, you can expect the width to be 192 points. On an iPad Pro 12.9", you can expect the width to be 251 points.

To configure hot corners, go into the Utilities Menu » Editors » Actions » Screen Tab.

You can also access hot corners in Utilities Menu » Settings » Navigation Settings » Hot Corners.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 25, 2020