User Manual

Scrolling Behavior

The scrolling behavior screen includes options also found in the Foot Pedals section, but duplicates them here since scrolling behavior is also used when tapping on the screen. This settings screen contains the following options:

Scroll Behavior

When a scroll down or scroll up action is performed, it can be handled in various ways. These include:

  • Scroll Page scrolls down the screen a certain percentage of the height of the screen. By default this is 75% of the height and can be set in the scroll amount slider below.
  • Jump to Section moves through the sections of the song. Not only does this select the section, but also scrolls it into view.
  • Jump to Page is used when viewing PDF files or text-based chord charts that have page breaks added. This will scroll the song to the top of each page. If the song does not contain paged content, then the Scroll Page behavior is used instead. Default.
  • Jump to Song will not scroll the song but rather navigate back and forth through the set.

Half Page Scrolling

When pedal behavior is set to Jump to Page, it may miss content if the device is in the landscape orientation. Half page scrolling allows scrolling to occur halfway through a page with the following options:

  • Automatic will use half page scrolling when the page is longer than the height of the screen and not scroll in half pages otherwise. Default.
  • Off will never us half page scrolling.
  • On will always use half page scrolling.

Scroll Amount

When using the Scroll Page pedal behavior, OnSong will scroll the page a specified percentage of the screen height. You can adjust this between 25% and 100%. The default value is 75% to allow some overlap.

Scroll Speed

Animation helps maintain context through the scrolling action. You can adjust this speed from zero seconds (no animation) to three seconds. Default is 0.3 seconds which is the standard animation speed of scrolling.

Section Behavior

When the Scroll Behavior is set to Jump To Section, OnSong will select and move to the selected section. Once At The Beginning or At The End of the available sections, the following action can take place:

  • Stop will stop once the first or last section has been reached.
  • Goto First/Last Section allows OnSong to cycle through the sections of a song. For instance, if you scroll down to the last section, the next selected section will be the first section in the song and vice versa.
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