User Manual


Actions are tasks that may be performed when pressing a foot pedal, touching the screen or by other inputs into OnSong. Some actions can be configured further to change how the action is performed.

Reset Song

The reset song action is used to "take it from the top" and start a song over. This is perfect for practicing. While the song is always scrolled to the top of the song viewer, other actions can also take place including:

  • Restart Autoscroll will cause autoscrolling to continue after the song is scrolled to the top. If autoscroll was not running prior to the action, it will not be started. If this is turned off, autoscroll will need to be toggled again.
  • Restart Backing Track will cause the linked backing track to start at the beginning. This happens whether the track is being actively played back or not. If the track was playing, it will continue playing only from the beginning of the track.
  • Restart Metronome will cause the metronome to start from the first beat if it's already playing.
  • Select Metadata Section will select the first section of the song, thereby triggering MIDI events and scenes that are assigned to the song.
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