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When you export songs and sets from OnSong, the filenames required for the specified file formats is automatically generated. These settings determine how that file name is generated.

Filename Template

This field allows you to customize the filename using variables. By default, this is set to prefix the filename with the sortable prefix called sort and then title separated by a dash. You can customize this with the following variables:

  • title is the song title.
  • capo the current capo applied to the song.
  • key the key that the song is currently displayed in which may be either the original or transposed key.
  • originalKey is the key in which the song is written.
  • transposedKey is the key in which the song is transposed.
  • author is the author of the content.
  • ccli will contain the CCLI number of the song.
  • composer is the musician who composed the work.
  • copyright includes copyright information.
  • duration is the duration of the song in seconds.
  • lyricist is the person who wrote the lyrics.
  • number is the song number set to the song.
  • timeSignature is the time signature of the song.
  • tempo is the BPM of the song.
  • sort can be used to append the sortable prefix to the filename.

Include Sortable Prefix

When exporting a set of songs, OnSong will append a sortable prefix to the filename to maintain the sort order of the songs. This is numeric value padded with zeros. If songs are not exported as a set, or if this is turned off, OnSong will remove the sort variable specified at the front of the filename template.

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