User Manual


Screen settings allow you to configure how the overall song viewer appears in the app. It features the following settings:

Desk Color

The desk color is what appears behind the virtual paper. Typically this is set to black and not visible, but if the border widths are altered, the desk color will peek through. Prepared colors are various shades of grayscale including black and white. Tapping on the option opens the Color Builder.


Borders allow you to designate empty space between the edge of the screen and the virtual paper that appears. This can be useful for setting up blank space to accommodate the OnSong status and menubar. This can also be used to provide spaces between songs.

Mirror Horizontally

OnSong is great to use on stage for live performance. But if you're needing to perform to a camera, it's best to use a teleprompter to look straight into the camera while reading a script or singing a song. Turn on the switch to mirror the text horizontally on the screen to work with mirror-based teleprompters.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 24, 2022