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Edit Fixture

To create a new fixture, you need to complete information to identify the fixture as well as where RGB lights can be found and any additional traits.


This field lets you optionally set a friendly name for the fixture. For instance, you may be using a specific model of spot light but would like to call it "Key Light" instead.


If you are editing a fixture that you've added to your universe, this section allows you to place the fixture on a specific channel (1-512) in a specific universe (1-4). Use the steppers to find the proper universe or channel. Tapping and holding for longer periods of time will cause the selection to speed up.

Note: This section will not appear if you are editing fixture personalities direction in the fixture picker.


This contains information about the fixture and it's configuration.

  • Label should be the name of the product such as EZpar64.
  • Manufacturer should be the name of the manufacturer such as Chauvet.
  • Channels should be set to the number of channels supported by the configuration. This means you may need to add a different fixture for every channel configuration. This value is automatically incremented to contain all traits and lights.
  • Personality is used in cases where a fixture could have multiple personalities with the same channel count. This name is used to distinguish between them.


OnSong allows lights on the fixture to have their color set using RGB, CMY or HSL values. If supported by the fixture, add a row for every 3-channel light.

Tap on the Add Light row to add an additional light or tap on an existing row to edit the light. You can also swipe right to left across the row to remove a light.


Traits are other properties of the fixture that can be set with a channel. Be sure to add traits such as master dimmers, strobe, speed, position, or any other trait that is not a 3-channel light here.

Tap on the Add Trait row to add a trait or tap on an existing row to edit the trait. You can also swipe right to left across the row to remove a trait.

Since some traits can be complex with multiple options, it would be beneficial to create a trait and then duplicate it. Tap and hold on a trait and choose the Copy option that appears. The copied trait appears at the bottom of the list with an incremented offset and can be edited.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on May 3, 2023