User Manual

Griffin Stompbox

Switch to the Griffin Stompbox to configure your Stompbox to use in OnSong. Tap on each of the buttons in the graphic or press the button on the device to open the Actions Menu to assign functions to each button.

LED Light Control

The icon in the upper right corner is designed to control the built-in LED lights on the device. By default, these lights will be turned off and flash when a button is pressed. Toggling this icon will cause the LED lights to turn on and flash off when the foot pedal is pressed. While this consumes more of your iPad's battery, it is useful in low light situations to see the the foot pedal to press.

Choose Actions

Tap on the the expression pedal port on the rear of the Stompbox graphic to set the action for an optional expression pedal. This will provide options for variable input instead of momentary input.

Note: The Griffin Stompbox only works with 30-pin dock connector devices like the iPad 3 and earlier and iPhone 4S and earlier. Lightning port adapters are required to work with newer models of iPad. Some versions of iOS do not output enough voltage to power the Stompbox.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on December 24, 2018