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Gears enable you to extend the number of actions you can perform with just one foot pedal model. For instance, one 4-switch foot pedal can be extended to perform dozens of actions.

Configuring Gears

To use, tap on the icon in the lower right corner of the Foot Pedal Setup Screen. This will display currently configured gears. By default, you have just one gear that is selected. You can configure the foot pedal switches to perform actions.

Adding Gears

To add a gear, tap on the "+" button in the bottom right corner. Once a gear has been added, tap on it to select it. Close the gears menu and configure your foot pedals again. Now you have two distinct set of actions operating on the same foot pedal.

Editing Gears

Numbered gears have suited us just fine in automobiles for some time, but you may want to name your gears instead. To do this, tap on the edit button in the upper left corner and then tap on the name of the gear you wish to rename.

You can also reorder gears when in edit mode as well. The order of gears determines how you shift through them.

While in edit mode, tap on the red minus on the left to delete gears you are no longer using.

Shifting Gears

Something you will need to keep in mind is you need to be able to "shift" to these gears. To do that, configure a foot pedal or hot corner to do just that. Choose either Shift Up, Shift Down or Unshift from the Actions Menu.

Cycling Through Gears

Shifting gears in a live scenario has to be fast and intuitive. As you shift through your gears, OnSong will display the number of the gear in the lower left corner of your screen. If you've specified a name for your gear, that is displayed instead.

The following actions effect how shifting occurs.

  • Shift Up increments through your gears by increasing the gear count. For instance, if you are on Gear 1, shifting up will go to Gear 2, Gear 3 and so on. Once there are no more gears, shifting will cycle back to Gear 1 allowing you to go through all your gears.

  • Shift Down decrements through your gears. For instance, if you are on Gear 4, shifting down will go to Gear 3, Gear 2, etc. Once Gear 1 is reached, shifting will resume at the highest gear available.

  • Unshift returns you to the first gear in your collection of gears.

  • Return to first gear is a switch at the bottom of the menu that is turned on by default. This will automatically return you to the first gear once an action is performed. For instance, you can use shift up to get to a gear for messaging and send a message. After that action is performed, you are immediately returned to the first gear on your list.

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