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User Manual


MIDI actions can be used to send MIDI to other hardware or software instruments.


Text-based chord charts allow chords to be detected within sections of songs. Use this category of actions to play the chords of the selected section using MIDI to add ambience to your set.

  • Off stops MIDI notes generated by OnSong from playing.
  • Previous plays the previous chord in the currently section relative to the last chord played. This will cycle to the last chord of the section if needed.
  • Next plays the next chord in the currently selected section relative to the last chord played. If no section is selected, OnSong will select the first section of the song. Once the last chord of the selected section is played, playback returns to the first chord in the section.
  • Repeat will repeat the current chord again. This can be useful in conjunction with sound patches that have attack, or to stop the trailing effects of a designed sound.
  • Vary will change the variation of the chord to be played. OnSong uses the notes found in the instrument for the song. For instance, if you have selected guitar for the song, OnSong plays the chord diagram selected for that chord. The vary action will move to the next variation of the chord in the current instrument.


Used to synchronize tempo between MIDI devices.

  • Start starts sending MIDI clock events.
  • Stop stops sending MIDI clock events.
  • Toggle starts or stops sending MIDI clock events used to synchronize tempo between MIDI devices.


Used to send MIDI, or stop MIDI events.

  • Panic stops all note events on all channels.
  • Send the specific list of MIDI commands.


Used to send MIDI start or stop commands.

  • Start sends the MIDI start command.
  • Stop sends the MIDI stop command.
  • Toggle sends the MIDI start or stop command according to its current state.


This provides actions that can transpose the MIDI notes that are being sent from chord playback actions.

  • Up increases the pitch of the played notes by one octave.
  • Down decreases the pitch of the played notes by one octave.


Changes the velocity of MIDI notes that are played.

  • Adjust continuously adjusts the velocity to use when playing MIDI notes through OnSong.
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