User Manual


OnSong enables you to scroll through yours songs and through your entire set with just a press of a foot pedal. Though this is convenient, it could mean accidentally navigating to the next or previous song in your set.

Bumpers give you protection from these accidents by notifying you that the next pedal press will navigate you to the next or previous song. In addition to showing you to the song title, it also provides key and capo information so you can prepare. When you reach the end of the set, it will let you know too so if you have any triggers assigned to the beginning or end of the set.

Bumpers appear in a semi-translucent box that is based off the app color. This looks good and is visible when running in and out of Low Light Mode.

While some users may appreciate this extra safety, others may want to disable it to avoid additional pedal presses. You can do this in Settings » Navigation Settings » Foot Pedals » Show Bumpers. You can also adjust this setting in the Foot Pedal Settings Menu.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 19, 2020