User Manual

Audio Triggers

OnSong enables you to perform different actions within the app when triggered. Triggers can simply tapping on the screen or pressing a foot pedal. As a musician, you may have a need for OnSong to listen to audio input through the device's microphone or using an audio interface. For instance, you can set up an audio trigger that "hears" when you tap on the edge of your iPad. This could trigger the Tap Tempo action that can be used to set the tempo of the current song. Additionally, you could have this listen to a click track to do the same thing. Of course the possibilities are endless and OnSong can be configured to listen on multiple channels for different actionable inputs.

Configuring audio triggers happens in settings. To set up an audio trigger, go into the Utilities Menu by tapping on the gear icon in the Menubar and then choose Settings. Then navigate to the [Navigation Settings]](/docs/interface/menubar/utilities-menu/settings/navigation-settings/) and Audio Inputs. From here you can set an action for each channel as well as the sensitivity or level that must be reached before the action is triggered. You can also invert this so that OnSong listens for no sound instead.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on July 13, 2022