User Manual


The songs menu settings is used to change the appearance and function of the Songs Menu and has the following settings:


The songs menu is typically 320 points wide which is the standard popover width. Turning this feature on allows the menu to appear at 600 points wide, or roughly twice the width. This allows more content to be displayed. Default is off.

In addition to changing the width of the songs menu, other menus in OnSong will also become wider such as those in the Song Editor.


This section contains general settings that apply to books.

  • Separate Styles configures the default behavior of books. When turned on, songs added to a books retain their preferences and settings specific to the book. For instance, you can set the key of a song in a book when playing with a specific vocalist and not effect the key of the song in your master library or other books.


The following options change how OnSong sorts content for other languages.

  • Collate Accented Characters replaces the collation algorithm when sorting results in lists to place accented characters alongside non-accented characters. This is enabled by default for non-English languages and can be turned off if there is a perceived performance issues on large libraries.
  • International Characters Last will place any songs that begin with an international character such as Ü or Å to be placed last in the list of songs. If turned off, the songs are sorted next to their non-accented cousins. Default is off.

List Settings

The following options are available for changing the way songs are listed.

  • Automatically Hide Songs Menu is used to hide the songs menu as soon as a song or set has been selected.
  • Prevent Deletions is used to prevent users from accidentally deleting songs from their list. This removes the slide to delete method and requires you to tap on the Edit button to perform a deletion.
  • Remove "The" is used to sort songs that start with the word "The " using the next word in their name. For instance, "The Reckoning" would be placed next to "Return to Narnia" in a song list.
  • Remove Description Text will omit the second line of each row that contains the artist name and key.


This section allows you to configure how the multiselect feature works in the songs menu.

  • Preview While Selecting determines if you can view songs while selecting them to perform actions.

This section contains settings that effect how the songs menu tabs behave.

  • Double Tap To Root will reenable an iOS feature that has caused confusion for some users. With this enabled, tapping on a tab when it's already active will display the first page of the navigation control. This default behavior has been changed in OnSong to avoid confusion. Turn this option on to reestablish the default iOS behavior if desired.

Remote Songs

The songs menu can be used to display not only song content in your local OnSong library, but also cloud-based content. You can configure the repository to use for accessing cloud content here. Options include:

  • Off no cloud repository is used and the local/remote toggle is removed.
  • RWTC uses the Rockin' With The Cross chord chart repository.


The sets section is used to change how the My Sets tab of the Songs Menu operates. Options include:

  • Auto-Archive Sets allows sets to automatically be moved to the Archived tab. This reduces clutter and improves performance. The first time that archivable sets are encountered in the tab, you are asked what preferences to use. You can change this to one of the listed time frames from 1 day to 3 months.
  • Display Song Order is used to place a number next to the songs in a set. Default is off.
  • Separate Styles configures the default behavior of sets. When turned on, songs added to a set save their preferences and settings to the set. For instance, you can transpose a song within a set and not effect the key of the song in your master library.
OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on August 13, 2018