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The sharing menu settings configures information to use when sharing songs and sets.


When you beam a song to your team using either OnSong Connect or OnCue, your entire song and set are sent which can overwrite changes you've made to your charts. Toggle these options to prevent certain parts of your songs from being updated.

  • Update Annotations lets you keep your sticky notes, drawings, and other annotations.
  • Update Formatting lets you maintain the formatting or style preferences of your song.
  • Update Song Content determines if the underlying song content or file is updated.


This section determines how filenames are generated when exporting content.

  • Filename Template
  • Include Sortable Prefix will automatically prefix the generated filename with a sortable string when exporting files from a set to maintain the set order.

CCLI License

This is your church's CCLI license number that should be displayed on all lyrics projection and outputted songs.

Expire Shared Sets

When you export a song or set in OnSong using either the wireless sharing or an archive file, OnSong will enable that set to be imported by will expire it after a given amount of time. This ensures that content is not being permanently distributed. You can change the expiration duration. Options include 1 day to 1 month. You can also choose Never to allow the sets to be distributed permanently.

Note: choosing Never turns off the expiration of sets. Make sure you have the right to distribute the chord charts to those members of your team before enabling this option.

Loan Shared Songs

When turned on, songs that are sent via wireless sharing or archive files can be viewed, but will not be added to the recipient's OnSong library. This allows music to be loaned for viewing and not distributed. The default value is on. You can turn this off, but be certain that you have the right to distribute the potentially copyrighted works in the set.


Type the name of the organization that is doing the sharing. This will appear on the custom web page that hosts your set list for others to view on Facebook or Twitter.


Type the web address of your organization's web site here. This will appear on the custom web page that hosts your set list, allowing others to click into your web site.

Use My Songs in OnCue

While OnSong Connect is the preferred method of wireless networking, the OnCue method is still available for backwards compatibility. When using OnCue, you can choose to either use the version of a song made available by the master device, or to use your song.

If this option is enabled, OnSong will locate a chord chart in your library that matches the one used by the master device. This is done by matching on song title, CCLI # or number. If a match cannot be found, the master device's version is used instead.

By default, this is turned off.

If you are using OnSong Connect, you can customize how chord charts are viewed using the more robust Profile screen.

OnCue Version

OnSong provides two versions of OnCue to allow for backwards compatibility to older versions while also allowing the use of newer technology as iOS evolves. OnSong defaults to the original version of OnCue which supports all versions of iOS.

  • Off turns off OnCue altogether. Use this if you do not want to participate in OnCue sessions.
  • Original works with older devices using the original OnCue version which is based on the iOS GameKit framework. This framework is deprecated and may not be supported in future versions of iOS. It is strongly recommended that you do not use this version unless you are using older devices or are having connectivity issues.
  • New works with newer devices running iOS 7 and higher. This version of OnCue is based on the new Multipeer Connectivity Framework.

Note: It's recommended that you use OnSong Connect when possible for wireless connectivity. OnSong Connect supports dozens of connected devices (instead of 5-6), is based on web-based services and standards and is customizable for each musician.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on January 21, 2020