User Manual

Autoscroll Settings

While autoscroll is fairly straightforward, there are a few options that can be customized. This section of live bar settings allows you to customize key aspects of autoscroll.

Autoscroll Continually

Autoscroll is normally used to scroll one song from top to bottom over a given duration. This means that you do need to switch to a new song in your set and toggle autoscroll on for each song.

When Autoscroll Continually is enabled, it allows OnSong to scroll through a song in the set and once then bottom of the song is reached, continue to the next song in the set. After an optional delay, autoscrolling continues. This allows an entire set to be navigated continually and hands-free.

Options include:

  • Off disables continuous autoscroll, allowing only one song to be scrolled and requiring the user to navigate to the next song to continue. Default.
  • Immediately switches to the next song in a set and immediately begins autoscrolling with no discernible delay.
  • After n second(s) gives an optional duration of time to wait until autoscroll begins. This can be 1 to 5 seconds and then 10 to 30 seconds in increments of 5 seconds.

Automatically Change Sections

By default, this is turned on. This means that sections will be automatically selected as linear autoscroll is performed which will change lyrics or send MIDI commands. You can turn this off if you intend to control section selection manually.

Other Autoscroll Settings

Some settings relating to the autoscroll function are located in other settings.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on April 15, 2015