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User Manual

Sticky Notes

This settings screen lets you pick default values to use when adding new sticky notes. You can adjust the following attributes of sticky notes:

Note Font Family

This is the font to use for all sticky notes and will be applied to all existing and new sticky notes. Options include:

  • Marker is a handwritten font that is compact. Default.
  • Chalkboard is a handwritten font that is wider and more like chalk drawing.
  • Helvetica is a standard sans-serif font that is not handwritten.

Note Font Size

This is the size of the song to display in the note. It's important to know that the font size used in the sticky note will shrink to allow the content to be drawn in the sticky note. You can pick a size ranging from 32 points to 96 points. The default value is 48 points.

Paper Color

This is the color of paper to use for the sticky note. Paper colors include white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink and grey. The default paper color is yellow.

Paper Opacity

This is the opacity of the sticky note. Unlike physical sticky notes, OnSong lets you make notes semi-translucent. Choose form between 25% and 100% translucent sticky notes. The default is 100% opaque like paper.

Note Scale

Notes are scaled to be the approximate size of a regular sticky note. You can change the size of this note form between 50% and 150% of the standard note size. The default scale is 100%.


You can adjust how typing is performed in the note editor with these options:

  • Autocapitalization determines if text should be automatically capitalized for you. Options include Never (default), Words or Sentences.
  • Autocorrect determines if spelling corrections should be applied to what you type. Default is off.

Note: This settings do not not effect existing sticky notes. To change existing sticky notes, double tap on each to open the Sticky Note Appearance Menu. One exception is the font family which is applied to all sticky notes.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on October 3, 2015