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User Manual

Audio Settings

The metronome in OnSong can play audio to provide reinforcement for musicians to play to a click track. The audio settings section in metronome settings allows you to configure how the metronome sounds. It has the following options:


OnSong supports different sounds for the metronome including:

  • Wood Block is the sound of the wood block instrument with the down beat being a higher pitched sound. Default.
  • Beep is a computer-generated beep that can be used to cut through other music.
  • Claves is the sound of claves with the down beat being a higher pitch sound.
  • Light Tap is a very subtle tap with the down beat having a higher pitch sound.
  • Shaker is the subtle sound of an egg shaker.
  • Bass Drum with Snare plays a bass drum on the beats and a snare on the down beat.
  • Bass Drum with Crash plays a bass drum on the beats and a crash cymbal on the down beat.
  • Hi Hat and Snare plays a hi hat for the beats with a snare drum on the down beat.
  • Hi Hat Open/Close plays the open and closing of a hi hat for the beats.


This section lets you choose what type of sounds is played for various parts of the beat. Sound options include:

  • Stressed is a louder and sharper sound.
  • Non-stressed is the standard sound.
  • None plays no sound.

Beats include:

  • Primary Beat is the first, down beat and the default is a stressed sound.
  • Secondary Beat is typically the third beat in a four beat measure.
  • Other beats constitute the second and fourth beats in a four-beat measure.

These settings are now used instead of the Play Down Beat and Play Down Beat Only options.


This is used to pan the metronome to the far left and right channels. There is a bug in iOS that does not permit audio to be completely panned out of one channel.


This is used to adjust the volume of the metronome independent from the master volume of OnSong.


This controls how the metronome works including:

  • Play Compound Beats will play 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 time signatures using three eighth notes per dotted quarter note. Turning this option off will effectively treat these time signatures as simple beats.

Stop Metronome

Both the audio and visual metronome can be stopped automatically after a certain number of measures, or when navigating to another song. Choose from the options below:

  • Never is the default option which allows the metronome to keep playing indefinitely, changing the tempo, time signature, and subdivisions when navigating to other songs.
  • After 1-8 measures stops the metronome after a set number of measures have played through.
  • When song changes turns off the metronome when navigating to another song.


This option adjusts the position of the offset swing beat when a swing subdivision is selected.

BPM Settings

These settings are used to apply constraints to the metronome and tempo settings in the app.

  • Default BPM is used for calculations requiring a tempo when none is set. Default value is 96 BPM.
  • Minimum BPM is the lowest acceptable tempo that can be entered in the system. Default is set to 40 BPM.
  • Maximum BPM is the highest acceptable tempo that can be entered in the system. Defautl is 200 BPM.
  • Quantize BPM allows you to set the BPM at different beats. The default is whole beats which results in setting whole numbers for BPM. Options include: Whole Beat (default), Half Beat, and Quarter Beat.
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