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User Manual

Tempo Configuration

OnSong can send tempo changes using MSB/LSB MIDI commands. You can change or alter the MIDI commands that are used in this screen.

MIDI Commands

This field contains space-delimited MIDI commands. By default, OnSong uses "CC106 CC107" which uses Control Change #106 as the MSB of the tempo and Control Change #107 as the LSB value. You can change these control changes, or add MIDI commands in pairs to this list. For instance, if you wanted to send tempo on CC106/107 and CC54/55, you would enter the following: CC106 CC107 CC54 CC55

You are not limited to control changes and could send other types of events. For instance, you could send Note On events using the "N" prefix, or Program Change events using the "PC" prefix.

MSB Tempo Value

This field determines how the tempo value is divided between the MIDI commands. The default value is 128. This means that any tempo higher than 127 (MIDI is limited to sending values between 0 and 127) will be split. For instance, a tempo of 138 would result in the value of "1" being sent with the MSB tempo command, and a value of "10" being sent with the LSB tempo command. The tempo is then calculated by MSB * 128 + LSB.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 11, 2019