User Manual

Program Change

Program changes in MIDI are typically sent and received to handle changes to the instrument's sound or module. They can also be used for general messaging to apps such as OnSong.


To setup a program change in the MIDI editor, choose Program in the type section.


The channel determines which MIDI channel the program change is sent or received on. By default, OnSong will receive or send on all channels. Use the plus and minus buttons to choose a specific channel if necessary.

You can tap on the name of the channel to Edit Channel Name to change it to a custom value to match your equipment.


Pick a program to send or receive by tapping on the None option. OnSong will display a list of program changes. These are listed as programs 0 through 127 with their General MIDI sound to the right.

You can rename programs when picking them by tapping on the Edit button and then tapping on the name of the program.


When sending program changes, OnSong can also send a bank select. This is sent as either or both MSB and LSB. MSB stands for "Most Significant Bit" and LSB stands for "Least Significant Bit". Together they provide more options for MIDI hardware and software which supports it. Each bank select bit can have values of 0 through 127 or none.

The bank select is sent previous to the program change with OnSong. The delaying of the sent MIDI is to allow the device to process the bank select requests before handling the program change request.

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