User Manual

NRPN Events

Non-Registered Parameter Numbers allow for a large number of values to be sent to MIDI devices that require input that is not normally covered by standard MIDI commands. You set a coarse and fine parameter number designated by the manufacturer followed by a coarse and fine value.


To setup an NRPN event in the MIDI editor, choose NRPN in the type section.


The channel determines which MIDI channel the NRPN event is sent or received on. By default, OnSong will receive or send on all channels. Use the plus and minus buttons to choose a specific channel if necessary.

You can tap on the name of the channel to Edit Channel Name to change it to a custom value to match your equipment.


This is the parameter to be changed. Use the coarse and fine parameter settings to choose the parameter required by the MIDI instrument. Consult the users manual from your manufacturer to determine what NRPN parameters can be changed.


This is the value to set for the parameter. Use the coarse and fine settings to choose the value to send to your MIDI instrument for the selected parameter.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on March 27, 2021