User Manual

Get Support

If you require technical support or are experiencing an issue, please fill out the following field to ensure the best service from the OnSong support team.

Email Address

Enter your email address here if not repopulated from your account. This will give us a way to respond to you. Make sure you add us as a contact so our responses won't be flagged as junk mail.

Full Name

Enter your full name here if it is not populated from your authenticated account. This will allow us to be more personal when we communicate with you.


Enter a brief description (150 characters or less) of the problem so we can direct the issue to the best support agent.

Steps to Replicate

This part is important! Type in the issue you are having followed by specific steps you take that demonstrate the issue. Express what you desire to happen in contrast to what is happening. Provide details, but also remain brief as long responses can sometimes slow down our response rate.


OnSong will automatically attach your current set or book as well as the song you were viewing at the time you accessed this screen. You can customize the set or book as well as the songs that are selected by tapping in this field.

Fast Track

Filling out this form is a great way to get placed in our support queue for standard service. Requests are handled in the order they are received. If you opt for the Fast Track service, your request is placed at the top of our list to be addressed with priority and before any other request.

Send Button

When you are all done, the Send button will illuminate. This will send your library to us with your diagnostic information. This combined with the information provided in this form will help us replicate the issue and either provide valuable advice, or issue a report to be addressed by our developers.

Crash Logs

If you are experiencing a crash condition, it is useful for OnSong to receive crash logs to resolve the issue that may be hard to diagnose. These are not able to be sent via the diagnostics step due to security restrictions in iOS. Please follow these steps to send your crash logs to OnSong.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on May 1, 2023