User Manual

Signed Out

When you first arrive at the Account Details screen, you have likely not yet signed into an OnSong account. It will appear with the following fields:

Sign In

If you already have an OnSong account, tap on the Sign In button to sign in to your account.


This section provides information about your subscription and then the plan that you have selected. It has the following fields:


This is the level of features that are available within OnSong. If you've purchased OnSong, your base plan is OnSong Pro which provides access to most features.


This displays the number of add-ons that have been purchased previously. Tap on this to view those add-ons or restore past purchases, if needed.


Here is where you can view your account information. By default, OnSong Pro users are individuals using the app. If you are signed in, this will include your account information and expiration date.

Upgrade to OnSong Premium or Essentials

If you have not yet subscribed to OnSong, you can tap this button to create an OnSong account and choose a subscription tier for purchase.

Offer Code

If you have an offer code from OnSong, you can redeem it within the app by tapping on the "Redeem it now" link below the upgrade button.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on September 2, 2022